sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

Errands (=

As a student, this trimester, I found myself doing a several new errands.
For example, for my internship, some days I have to go to the library and buy some papers, markers and other things to decorate the classroom.

I have a lot of errand to do every day. Sometimes the kind of errand are the same. Go to the grocery store, go to the university, pick up my nephew at kindergarden, make lunch for my and sometimes for some of my brothers or parents.


viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Fashion Trends in Urbe

Fashion trends often vary, girls usually use jeans of colors, sandals low, chemisse and hand bags.

The boys used shoes sport, flannel wide and caps. Seen in the halls of the university people dressed like rockers, we also see guajiras.

The lenses are also popular in Urbe and is also used by many artists. They are retro fashion and folly. There are a range of colors and are super cute.

jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

My Parents

My Parents are married, are the most beautiful beings that may exist in the world with them all beautiful, twenty six years have married the love....... They are very happy. and for me are the best parents..

"The Legend of La Llorona"

The legend of La Llorona has had many versions of it is existence, and everyone knows therir history in different countries. This legend spread to other parts of the country, manifesting it self in various ways. In some villages it was said that La Llorona was a young lover who had died on the eve of the wedding and the groom brought the crown of white roses that never used. Elsewhere, it was believed a mother who came to mourn their children orphans.Some say it is a woman who drowned her children one evening and the search along the streams or creeks, uttering prolonged mourning. Another description of the police car is: Figure unpleasant woman, tall and disheveled, long dress and cadaverous face. With his long arms holding a dead child. Spend the night crying, pitiful sobs seeding with the terror in the camps, villages and even cities.It refers to the character according to oral tradition, which is defined as a single mother who decided not to take your child and aborting it, carrying it the punishment of permanent hearing the cries of her child. This punishment of despair and forced to wander the world without finding calm, crying, moaning and asking for the whereabouts of his ill-fated son.

martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

My Memories of School

I have great memories of my school kindergarten study on "Los Angelitos" I still remember it was there that I learned the technique of brushing, there is still a kindergarten is near the Mall Galleries, here in Maracaibo ... After completing the study of kindergarten, from first grade through high school study in the Achilles Nazoa for me was the best school, because I met the best classmates as Thaimary, Arianny, Esmeralda, Cesar, Sixto, Richard, Michell, Yanelis, Veronica, Jean, Gary, Marian; Eneiro; Heishell and many more .. As I learned a lot from teachers and Agustina; Anneda, María Victoria; Samantha .. I spent nice moments with them and unfortunately, I wanted to do my internship at the University there, but they closed. I graduated in 2006 was the best because from childhood I wanted to study education for example as my teachers (=